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Team Abundance!


Daphne Rodrigues

Founder & President

I’m Daphne the founder and President of Abundance WellSpa a center for healing & detoxing your body holistically, non-medicinally & non-invasively.  I am a wife, a mother of 5 & Grandmother of 4 (they call me "Bama").  I love my life! I love my family! I love my clients! I genuinely love helping others on their healing journey! Stepping into my true passion is so fulfilling! Who would’ve ever thought that I’d express gratitude for getting into that boating accident almost 6yrs ago. It shifted my life and has set me on my path of becoming my true authentic self! Making a difference in others lives is making a BIG difference in my own life. I’m elevating to higher frequencies and I am excited to help others along their journey as well!

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Christine Ortega

Spa Coordinator

My name is Christine. I am a wife and a mother to 3 amazing children and 2 fur babies.  On my free time I enjoy working out my body and my mind. I meditate and hike to keep my mind clear.  My true passion is helping people better themselves from the inside out!  To know that they leave feeling better is the best feeling ever! I am a true believer in holistic living and believe our bodies are self healing. I truly am a lover of this life I've been given and have definitely worked hard at it. "Love the life you live, Live the life you love"...

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