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Dianne L - Yelp Laser Lipo Review

I had my first appointment yesterday with Daphne for consultation on laser lipo and I had the most wonderful experience. As soon as I walked in , the welcome area was very relaxing already. It smelled so good and it was so calming.When Daphne took me inside I was even more impressed as the rooms were beautiful. Just the whole experience was amazing. She also took the time to educate me and not once did I feel pressured. I can't wait for my next appointment and to start seeing results. I highly recommend!

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Durae J - Yelp Halotherapy Review

Thank you Abundance Wellspa!!! My asthma has been bothering me for a month & the usual steroids were not helping. Today I treated myself to a halo therapy salt treatment and I cannot believe how much better I feel. My lungs are feeling clearer & I feel like I am breathing 50% better than I was before I went. This place was so nice, clean & calming! Daphne the owner is so genuine & kind!!!! And did I mention that I feel better?!?! Thank you for the wonderful spa treatment & excellent customer service.

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Malou H - Yelp Ballancer Pro Review

I went for a lymphatic massage and I am addicted as well as the salt therapy. I have a bad asthma and tired of taking them inhalers that make me gain so much weight and just not helping my asthma at all. There are times I can't even talk as lose my voice in and out because of my asthma grasping for air. After the salt therapy I have not had any asthma attack as well as I can breath like a normal person and can talk without being scared of losing my voice in the middle of conversation. I am so glad I gave Abundance wellspa a try and now I am addicted. Also I tried the lymphatic massage as I heard a good review about it. And I am so glad I did and did not dissapoint me. I went just to have my water retention get taking care of. But it worked more than what I went in for. I actually did not see the changed until ny mom told me that my legs look like thinner and clear looking (mine you since I gained wait for taking the inhaler for my asthma I am very shy of wearing shorts and wearing a big shirt over my bathing suit). Today I went for a dip and my mom told me if I lost weight or did something. She focused on my legs since she knows that I hated my legs since I gained weight. I asked her what she mean. And she said your cellulite is gone! I looked and I keep.squishing my thighs and I'm likeeeee WOW! I did not even notice lol. And I went only twice. Amazing result I tell you! Can't wait for my next appointment. And what makes me love this place more is Daphne! She is just amazing! I am definitely hooked!

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